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 Rock phosphate 


Lime is a conditioner of soil and plays an important part in rectifying the three key changes occurring in Australian soil.
Lime :

Neutralizes acidity,
Replenishes humus, and
Is calcium rich.

Ten Benefits of Lime

It is a major source of calcium (Ca), an essential nutrient.
It corrects acidification.
It reduces aluminium (Al) and manganese (Mn) toxicities which often occur at low pH.
It improves fertilizer efficiency.
It influences soil micro-organisms.
It improves legume nitrogen fixation.
It assists in balancing nutrients.
It improves soil structure and promotes worm activity.
It promotes organic matter decay.
It improves livestock health.


Gypsum has been used for more than 200 years as a soil conditioner & fertilizer. Gypsum releases nutients in soils which improves its structure and allows for better water soakage & root growth. Gypsum is the product to apply to help reclaim sodic soils.