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Suppliers & spreaders of:

Earth lime

Earth lime with silicon

 Natural Winton & Hughenden gypsum

 Fertilizer spreading

Pulverized lime 

 Rock phosphate 


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We at Inkerman lime & gypsum provide a variety of spreading services with computerized direct drop augers, spinners, orchard spreader applicators and variable rate spreaders, all fitted with GPS navigational systems for a more accurate application. We also do a variety of blends to suit your individual specific needs.

About us

Inkerman lime & gypsum has been operating and servicing the burdekin and outer areas since 1932. The company has changed hands only a few times but always remained locally owned. The current owners are Joe and Rosetta Tama of Home Hill. The Tama family are no strangers to the Burdekin region and the land, having lived there for nearly half a century, and are also no strangers to the various industries that keep our region ticking away. They are personally involved and have interests and investments in sugar cane, small crops, mangoes and also high value cabinet timber forestry in the burdekin. The Tama’s have been aware of the benefits of lime & gypsum products and have used them extensively over the years, we loved the benefits of these products so much “we bought the company” we would like for you to share the same experience as well.
Gypsum & Lime has been used for more than 200 years as a soil amendment and fertilizer. At least 30 benefits have been documented. Gypsum and lime for various reasons can substantially increase crop yields anything from 10 to 50 percent is very common.